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Lifetime Metal Roofing

Our goal at Rare is to provide high quality metal roofing products for residential and commercial use.  Rare’s products are designed to endure the elements and last a lifetime.  Our aim is to deliver high quality roofing at a competitive price. We believe in our products and we take great pride in manufacturing quality roof systems.  We stand behind our products by offering a lifetime transferable warranty.

Welcome to our website.  We’ve included all kinds of information throughout our website to help you learn more about our products and about metal roofing in general.  Please be sure to visit our News Blog to learn more about many common roofing concerns. If you have any unanswered questions, please feel free to let us know through our contact page.

Endless Benefits

Steel roofing has a proven performance expectation of over 5o years.  It’s lightweight and requires very little maintenance.  These roofs are energy efficient because they keep your home cooler and are recyclable.  They are considered one of the most durable types of roofs because they are fire resistant and hail resistant.

Furthermore, interlocking steel roof panels provide maximum wind resistance.  Excellent snow shedding is another benefit for homeowners in high snow load areas.  They have a low life cycle cost and we manufacture several beautiful styles to match any home or neighbourhood.


The Right Choice

With the endless benefits of metal roofing and our commitment to quality, you can feel confident that when you choose a Rare metal roof you’ve made the right choice.