Rare Introduces New Slate Profile

October 3rd, 2009

We are thrilled to introduce IronStone Slate as Rare Manufacturing’s newest design. This new metal roof product has a similar system design as the existing roof systems that we have been offering for many years. This new profile was created to fill the need of those customers interested in that old world slate look.

Old World Slate

Traditional old world slate roofing is made from a specific type of stone which is quarried from the earth and cut into roof tiles.  While these hand crafted slates can look very beautiful installed on your home, they can also be very costly and difficult to maintain.  Not only do the slates themselves cost a pretty penny but your roof will require reinforcement to carry the extra weight of those heavy slates.  The maintenance of authentic slate roofs can be difficult and slates are known to be fragile when exposed to hail, flying debris and severe winds.  Many will agree they can add beauty to your home, but at what cost?

New IronStone Slate

That’s why Rare created its new IronStone Slate profile.  Made from the same quality steel used for our existing roofing products, but with the look of old world slate.  Our new IronStone Slate roof panels have an interlocking design and include a built-in hidden fastener system.  Even the new IronStone Slate Ridge Cap has an interlocking hidden fastener system built-in.  Rare Manufacturing is proud to offer you its latest creation.  We hope many homeowners will enjoy the practical and beautiful benefits of this new slate metal roofing option.

Visit the IronStone Slate Product page to view some photos of the new profile.  We’ll add photos as they become available.  If you want to share a photo of your Rare metal roof with us, please do! Just send it via email to info@raremanufacturing.com.  Be sure to let us know which product and colour you chose for your roof.

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