Rare Happenings

October 28th, 2012

We have been tweaking our website to better serve those looking to learn all about metal roofing. We’ve added some more downloadable content to our Technical Specs page and hope you find this infomation useful. We now have an online order form for our customers, which is also on the Technical Specs page.


We are finally on Facebook. Please like us! We hope to use this platform to help promote, inspire, share and inform customers and homeowners alike. Check out our page here.

Colour Changes

We have a new supplier for our popular Aged Copper colour – the pattern is slightly different, but the overall look is very similar. We now refer to this colour as Aged Copper MG. After much discussion, we have chose a new colour to replace our existing Tile Red colour. Terra Cotta LG is the new colour. This is a more tradition clay tile colour that will work well with our European Tile profile and is available in our other profiles as well. Tile Red is still available, but will no longer be offered as a standard colour.

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