McKellar Dome Project

September 22nd, 2017

Metal Dome Roof

This is a first for Rare.  One of our talented installers have completed a geodesic dome re-roof with our Ironwood Shake profile.  We were very hesitant when they told about this very difficult metal dome project they agreed to take on but, to our surprise, we were thoroughly impressed by the fabulous result.

This project in McKellar, Ontario was approximately 35 square including the attached garage.  The previous asphalt roof had surpassed its useful life and was in bad shape.  The homeowners were having difficulty finding anyone willing to re-roof their dome, until Stop Roofing Inc. stepped up to the task.  Ken Jackson was the man with the plan.  He was the one to decide how to deal with each new roof detail as they came up.  If he was looking for a challenge, I think he got one!    The job took approximately 120 hrs for his crew to install and the homeowners are ecstatic.   Click on the photos below for a closer look at their new Dark Brown Ironwood Shake roof.

metal domemetal dome metal dome metal domemetal domemetal dome

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