Choosing a Roof Colour

December 10th, 2018

Your roof is an important element in the overall appearance of your home. Knowing how to choose the colour of roofing materials will help ensure that you make a choice that will suit your home’s appearance as well as work in the climate where you live.  Your roof should last a long time, so here are some tips to consider, to avoid getting stuck with the wrong roof colour.



Did you know, your roof colour can affect the temperature in your attic by up to 40 degrees and can make a real difference in heating and cooling your home?  Light coloured roofing typically reflects sunlight and helps keep the temperature of your home down.  Dark roofing generally absorbs heat from the sun and can help homes in colder climates stay warm.  Some roof materials are now available with energy efficient colour choices, so even a dark colour can be engineered to reflect sunlight.  Be sure to ask if this option is available in your chosen roof product.

Architechtural style

Classic homes look best with classic colour palates. Dark grey or black work well with a grey or blue house.  Use a brown or mix of cream and brown roofing shingles if you have a brown, cream or tan coloured house.  Use dark grey or black on a white house, this will give it a traditional look. If your home has historical significance, you might want to keep the traditional style of its architecture. Stucco homes go well with orange-red colours. Weathered greys, browns and greens go well with the woody aesthetic of ranches and rustic homes.

Neighbourhood Consideration

Check with your neighbourhood association, if you have one, to avoid violation of neighbourhood rules or covenants.  Even if you don’t have set rules to follow, think about how your roof will look alongside your neighbours.  Also keep in mind, the summer sun can intensify roof colours, while overcast winter days can wash them out.  Consider these factors when picking your roof colour.  Take some samples home and hold them up to your home during different times of the day to see how the colours alter.

Consider Existing Permanent Exterior

Take samples of the permanent colours on your home’s exterior to the building supply store if you intend to roof your home yourself.  Take time to speak to an expert about the best colour choice for your new roof.  When your bricks are multi-coloured, stay with a uniform roof colour to avoid an overly busy look.  If the shutters sharply contrast the siding, choosing a colour closely matching the shutters can tie the whole house together.  If you go for a variegated roof, make sure one of the colours matches the shutters.


Once your roof is installed, it takes a lot of money and effort to change the decision you’ve mad, so take your time when deciding which colours will look best on your roof. Use the help of your local roofing contractor to help decide which colour and style is right for you.


Disclaimer:  This article is intended to offer general knowledge on this topic.  While every caution has been taken to provide accurate information, it is not intended as professional advice.  Please consult with an industry professional in your area to obtain proper advice based on your unique circumstances.  Rare Mfg. Inc. will not be held liable in any way should you suffer any loss/damage because of the information in this blog.

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