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April 16th, 2020

New IronStone Slate

We value our customers and their opinions. So, we’ve been working hard to bring our customers what they’ve been asking for. Over the last while, we’ve received feedback from both homeowners and installers that our IronStone Slate product could benefit from some improvements.  Customers wanted a better looking roof panel, with a more aggressive and more realistic slate design. So we got to work, redesigning the entire panel, including the way we manufacture it.

The exposure of our new slate roof panel is a bit larger than our previous slate panel. The coverage is almost identical to our shake panel, which makes estimating more convenient for our installers. Still making our new slate panel with the same quality steel substrate as always. We also use the same high quality PVDF coating. Using quality raw materials ensures that our products will last a lifetime. And, of course, we still offer our lifetime manufacturers’ warranty.

Our new slate panel has a four way interlocking feature, which is a big change for our slate panel. There were some challenges when incorporating this new feature. We had to make some significant changes to the way we manufacture, but we did it! We’re very proud of this accomplishment and trust that our customers will enjoy the added benefits of this feature. The four way interlocking feature creates an added layer of security and water tightness to our already beautiful and durable steel roof.

We redesigned our slate ridge cap as well, to better suit the new slate roof panel. The new cap is also interlocking and has a hidden fastener system, similar to our previous slate ridge cap. The whole system design creates a hidden fastener system. This means no need to worry about exposed fasteners potentially causing issues down the road.

We hope you like our new and improved slate roof panel. For more detailed information please visit our IronStone Slate page and our Product Specifications page.


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