Can I Paint My Metal Roof?

May 9th, 2020

Are you wondering if you can paint your metal roof?  Most painted metal roofs come with a baked-on factory finish and yes, you can re-paint them if need be.  You can also paint over bare metal roofing.  Here are some key points you should consider before going ahead with this home improvement project.


First you must determine the type of metal substrate you have and what kind of paint coating (if any) it has on it.  You will need to choose a quality primer and paint system that will properly adhere to your specific roof material.  You don’t want to overlook the importance of this decision.  If you choose the wrong type of coating, it will not stick and you’ll have wasted your time and money.  Consult with a quality paint supplier in your area and do your homework.


Next is prepping, priming and painting.  A thorough cleaning using a pressure washer or a TSP solution is recommended.  If you have rust spots, those areas will require some extra attention.  A light sanding to remove loose rust, plus an application of rust inhibiting primer over those areas should be sufficient.  Keep in mind you will want to start and finish this job during dry weather, so plan accordingly.  Finally, ensure that you apply the primer and paint coating according to the manufacturers’ instructions for your chosen paint system.


Be aware that field-applied coatings don’t usually last as long as the original factory finish and can be more prone to fading and chalking than the original finish.  Also note, when you choose to re-paint a metal roof, you will void any coating warranty you may have on your roof.


Disclaimer:  This article intends to offer general knowledge on this topic.  While every caution has been taken to provide accurate information, it does not intend as professional advice.  Please consult with an industry professional in your area to obtain proper advice based on your unique circumstances.  Rare Mfg. Inc. will not be held liable in any way should you suffer any loss/damage because of the information in this blog.


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