European Tile

Within our three profiles, two of them are very similar in design features but were made to look very different. These two are the European Tile and the Heavy Shake profiles. Both of these profiles are designed to install over a 2 x 2 batten system, European Tile installs on 16 inch centers, which is a big advantage when installing on a non-walkable or steep-sloped roof (i.e. over 36.5 degrees). Both profiles are installed from ridge to eave and therefore have other benefits such as ease of replacing individual panels should damage occur by a fallen tree for example. Also the 2 x 2 batten system can be installed over most existing roofs, which allows for adequate venting between roof layers. The European Tile profile is designed to look like a clay tile roof and is available in a variety of colour choices. Minimum slope is 3/12 (14 degrees).

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Available colours:

Coffee Brown
Forest Green
Dark Brown
Terra Cotta
Aged Copper